Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is located roughly half way between Nikšić and Žabljak (precisely 50km from Žabljak in the direction of Šavnik). Here the river Komarnica has cut a deep canyon through rock formed when the mountains of Durmitor and Vojnik collided. The canyon is 3.5km long with an average height of 150m (at some points up do 500m) and an average width of 3m (in several places as narrow as 0.5m).

The name Nevidio (Never Seen) speaks for itself – it’s hardly accessible. In fact, the canyon was not explored until 1965, when a Montenegrin alpinist passed through it for the first time. Passing through the canyon is probably the most extreme adventure you can embark on while in Durmitor and anyone attempting it should be prepared to endure physical exertion, cold water (as low as 6 C), plenty of jumps, scrapping past rocks and diving.

In order to pass through the canyon you should be over 18, be a competent swimmer and have good health. The effort is , however, worth making, since the experience of having passing through this canyon, as everybody who does it will attest, is a unique and special experience! It will take you about 4 hours, with a guide (please note: it’s not possible to pass through Nevidio without a guide).

At Durmitor-Autocamp we can arrange canyoning for our guests. Please see our canyoning page for more info.

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