How prepared for a bicycle ride you are no one can judge better than you. Some cycling tours, marked on maps and in guides as easy ones, are not that easy if you are out of shape! Therefore, take a good look at the map and height differences of the tour that you wish to make, judge your capabilities, and… off you go. Our tips may seem packed with warnings, but we have witnessed numerous cases of people overestimating their stamina and embarking on an adventure which ended up being memorable for the wrong reasons…

Cycling routes


Short tours along Jezerska plateau are easy for everyone. The tour Žabljak-Bosača-Barno Jezero-Pitomine-Žabljak (length 12km, duration 1h) is also considered an easy one.


The new road route to Šavnik has meant the existing road to the Riblje and Vražije lakes is less frequented by traffic, so the ride to them, although long in distance (12km in one direction) is still very pleasant. In addition, you do not have to return from the Riblje Lake to Žabljak the same way that you came. Instead, you can proceed to Bare Žugića and, via Njegovuđa and Vrela villages, return to Žabljak. Although there are no significant height difference that fact that the route is 38km in lenght means that it is a medium hard tour.

Medium easy tours are also Žabljak-Podgorica-Uskoci-Žabljak (length 15 km, duration about 1.5h) and Žabljak-Razvršje-Motički gaj-Virak-Pošćenski kraj-Javorje-Žabljak (length 18km, duration 1.5h).


The tour around Durmitor, which is 86km long and takes about 9hrs to complete requires a high level of stamina, particularly due to the height differences of the roads and paths. This route takes you via Virak, Sedlo, Pišče, Trsa, Nedajno, Sušica and Mala Crna Gora. If you plan to do it, you almost certainly do not need the help of our guide when it comes to cycling tours…

Bicycle rental info

We rent bicycles from our camp, for both adults and children, almost all of which are nearly new bikes. You can also rent bicycles from several other places; two of which have been around for many years and are located in downtown Žabljak (across the street from the supermarket and across the street from the petrol station, respectively).

Additionally, if you lack both experience and equipment, but would still like to try cycling or mountain biking you can find both the equipment and a guide for this activity through our camp , or in Žabljak – just speak to us at the camp and can arrange it for you or provide you more information.

Please note: we meet ‘Bed & Bike’ standards and provide a small service and parts area for bikes.

Bicycle rental price guide (at our camp)

  • 10 Euro per bike, per full day
  • 5 Euro per bike, per half day


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