Jeep Tours

Durmitor provides the perfect terrain and back drop for unforgettable jeep tours. We have provided details of some tours below, however it is also possible under take tours to other places as well, along the routes that we have mentioned below or outside Durmitor region. If you are interested in details of other route options, you can ask us at the comp or visit the tourist agencies in town and opt for the offer you consider to be the most interesting to you.

Recommended Jeep Tour Routes:

Ring around Durmitor

The “Durmitor ring”, an 86km round trip, is the most popular and the longest jeep tour organised here in Durmitor.If you came to Žabljak by jeep, you can of course use your own vehicle to complete the ring, however, we advise not to it it in a sedan (or similar type vehicle / jeep).  As with rafting, if you have the time and the possibility, its a shame to leave this region without taking part in a  jeep tour and to experience the diverse landscapes of the eastern and western sides of Durmitor.

For this trip, you’ll start off from the villages of Virak and Pašina voda, via Pošćenska area (Pošćensko Lake, Modro Lake and Valovito Lake) and arriving at the foot of Stožina peak and Sedlo mountain pass (1908m). On crossing the pass, you will come across Dobri do and Todorov do katuni, from where you will get to see one of the most beautiful and most peculiar peaks of Durmitor – Prutaš (2393m). After Todorov, do you will reach a place called Prespe, a built-up border between the Pivljani and the Drobnjaci tribes.

The villages which follow are Pišče and Trsa, afterwhich there are two route options: 1) a visit to the town of Plužine, Mratinje dam and Piva Monastery, or 2) go directly to the most beautiful village in Piva, Nedajno, after which, visit the wonderful Sušica Canyon, the authentic village of Mala Crna Gora, Bosača village, and finally back to Žabljak.

This tour abounds in places which will leave you speechless! The road is, for the most part, asphalted with macadam parts.

Sušica Canyon

A visit to Sušica canyon is only a short 25km trip away and an extremely beautiful tour (it’s also part of “the ring” trip noted above). There are many beautiful sights and places to see on these jeep tours, which we may mention but cannot easily describe – it’s best you see and feel them for yourself. However, we would here like to single out MalaCrna Gora village and its katun. This village, inhabited by about 50 people in the winter season, is completely cut off from the rest of the world for a couple of months every year due to snow drifts. The road above Bosača village is not cleared before May, as weather conditions, which include heavy snow drifts, mean it is not possible to clear it earlier. As a result, 50 people spend the entire winter here in total isolation! These are typically ‘aged’ people, who bravely and successfully survive amid the harshest living conditions imaginable. In mid last century the village had about 400 inhabitants and a school, and the families were large enough so that the winter isolation from the rest of the world was , by all means, easier to cope with than today….

The road is covered with asphalt and macadam.

Tara-Radovan luka

A jeep tour to Radovan luka, through Tepca village. This is 24km long trip which includes driving down the steep Tara Canyon is an exciting and beautiful experience.

The road is covered with asphalt and macadam.

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