We are able to host up to 40 auto-camp vehicles, including caravans, combis, jeeps, buses and coaches. Please see our amenities page for a full list of all what is provided at camp to all guests and listed below are details of what our auto-camping guests can expect.

Autocamp Facilities Include:

  • Capacity for up to 40 autocamp vehicles.
  • Camp is lite by neon lights in the evening.
  • Moderns bathrooms and showers
  • Outbuilding with sink and kitchenette, including 3 fridges, crockery, tables and chairs.
  • Use of a TV, DVD and digital satellite antenna (in outbuilding)
  • There is an area for waste disposal and wires for hanging cloths to dry.
  • We have dozens of tables, chairs and benches and places for campfires.
  • We can provide movable tables and chairs you may use in addition to your own camping gear.
  • Large communal tents for entertainment and to provide shelter in case of rain.*

*In case of rain there are large designated areas to stay. In addition, we have 5 large tents, each for 60 people, which can be made available to guests in the case it rain, as well as for festivities and entertainment. Within these large tents guests can prepare food and eat, using a a provided stove. Guests can also rent tents and sleeping bags from us (blankets are provided free of charge).

Price Guide (auto camping):

  • 10 Euro, 1 x Caravan Car (regardless of number of people staying in the caravan)

  • 10 Euro, 1 x Car with Mobile Caravan (regardless of number of people staying in the caravan)

Please ask us for prices of other types of vehicles and configurations.


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Autocamp Gallery

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