We have listed here a few guides and travel books you might want to check out before or during your trip to Montenegro. However, please note, we do provide maps and information about the whole Durmitor region at the camp for a small price so you don’t need to buy local hiking or sightseeing maps before you arrive.

Bradt guide

The Bradt guide to Montenegro is considered one of the better guides of the region, and although this guide could still be improved a little in its details and maps, it does do a good job in capturing the country. If you’re looking to buy only one book on what Montenegro has to offer, this is a good choice.


Montenegro (Bradt Travel Guides)
ISBN-10: 1841623814
ISBN-13: 978-1841623818

Rough guide

Not a bad guide, though a little out of date at times.

Rough Guide to Montenegro

Rough Guide (Rough Guide to Montenegro)
ISBN-10: 1858287715
ISBN-13: 978-1858287713