Žabljak Town

The Montenegrin capital of mountain tourism…

Žabljak is a small town situated in Durmitor National Park, in north west Montenegro. At an altitude of 1450 meters, the town is the highest urban settlement in Montenegro and the Balkans and offers access to some of Montenegro’s most pristine and untouched areas of outstanding natural beauty. The town is surrounded by 23 mountain peaks over 2200m, 18 mountain lakes and the Tara River canyon, which at 1300 deep forms the deepest canyon in Europe.

It was in Žabljak that the the Montenegrin government proclaimed the country the worlds’ first ‘ecological’ state, on the 20th of September 1991. It is said, the deputies of the folk assembly, intoxicated with the fresh mountain air and blue skies, in an out-of-order-assembly, right there and then, brought forth the declaration of Montenegro as an ecological state, noting Žabljak as its capital. The town is self is subsequently recognized as the ecological capital of the county and local and regional strategic decisions and directives are thus heavily aligned with the principles and requests of sustainability.

Today, Žabljak is the mountain tourism capital of Montenegro and has orientated itself towards the production and promotion of ecological produce and services. The town is embracing ecological methods and preservation of the natural surroundings and stands itself in good stead to develop into an Internationally recognized destination for outdoor and adrenalin sports as well as for nature and food lovers. The season stretches most of the year and includes winter tourism, based around skiing, with spring and fall seeing a focus on rafting, hunting and fishing. The long summer provides a paradise for rest, recreation, sightseeing, nature based holidays and adrenaline sports.