Lake Hiking

Durmitor is an ideal place for hiking during summer, probably the healthiest and most natural activity. Experts consider walking on hilly terrain, off asphalt, much healthier for your body than walking on asphalt, so get off the road whenever possible. We strongly advise that comfortable shoes are essential for hiking since we meet hikers, especially women, tired and sad, in utterly inappropriate shoes.

Bear in mind that the soil is very slippery after rain, especially in forests! Unless the weather is completely stable, it is advisable to carry a light rain jacket with you, since heavy summer rain is a frequent phenomenon. On a sunny day, a hat and sunscreen are essential. No cases have been recorder of people bumping into dangerous wild animals while hiking in the forest, so you should not worry about it. On Jezerska plateau, on a rocky terrain, you can come across snakes. Very rarely, but possibly.

You can hike in various directions. If you make a longer tour, use a map and never stray from the marked paths in forests, unless you are completely sure of your orientation skills as you can easily lose your way. We have listed below general, more gentle, hiking trails. However, if you would like more testing hiking routes and tours please see our Extreme Hiking page. Weather you wish to enjoy general or extreme hiking we advise the use of a guide, both for safety and as guides will ensure you have the most enjoyable time on the mountain.

Black Lake

The tour around the Black Lake is the most popular hiking tour. It lasts 2h and is quite easy. Its total length, from Žabljak and back, is 10 km. On the right side of the lake, near the cape between the big and the small lake, you will have a possibility to choose between two paths.”Ribarska” (fisher) path, which can appear more natural to hikers, since it runs by the very lake, is actually harder and longer. Bear this in mind.

Zminje Lake

The tour to the Zminje Lake is about 5km long and it can be covered in 2h.You should go through Ivan Do and by the Mlinski Potok Stream.Almost entire tour takes you through the woods.

Barno Lake

Fifty minutes from the old “Durmitor” Hotel there stands the Barno Lake. The tour to Ćurevac, which is situated at 1625m above sea level and which offers a spectacular view of the village of Tepca and the Tara River, is about 15km long (Žabljak-Ćurevac-Žabljak) and it will take you about 5h.

Cable Car to Savin Kuk

From Savin kuk peak, actually from its foot, by cable car whose working hours are from 10h until 16h during summer, you can reach Savin kuk itself (2313m), drink the water from a spring which was, by legend, created by Saint Sava having hit the ground with a stick, and enjoy the magnificent view of entire Durmitor, Jezerska plateau and the neighbouring mountains.

As we have said, you can hike wherever you want to. We have already mentioned Štuoc, “Momčilov grad” Restaurant and the Jablan Lake. You can reach the Zminje Lake by road from the village of Pitomine. It is pleasant to see Razvršje, at the foot of Savin kuk peak, then up you go towards the Riblje Lake and the Greek cemetery. Analise the map and decide on your own…


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