Mountain Hiking & Climbing

At the very beginning we would like to state that we strongly advise against climbing / hiking the mountain without a professional guide. We do not say this for any commercial reasons. Every year we witness accidents taking place in the mountains which often end in tragedy.

Durmitor paths are marked, but any wrong turn, however small it might seem, can put you in an almost hopeless situation. Also, the mountain is extremely moody as far as weather conditions are concerned. You may embark on a hiking tour in a sunny, perfect morning, only to find yourself, after a two -hour walk, in the midst of a fog out of which you will probably not be able to walk out without the help from the mountain rescue service.

This webpage lacks the space for a detailed map of the Durmitor mountain massif. However, if you are interested in the mountain, if you wish to hike (with a guide!), or simply to have an idea of what lies behind the peaks, we recommend the Tourist and Mountaineering map printed by “Intersistem -kartografija“. It goes into great detail and is made with great care.

We can provide you with phone numbers of the official mountain rescue service who can provide an experienced guide in case you want to hike, or to offer help if you have disregarded our warning and headed up the mountain on your own. You can also hire a guide in tourist agencies in Žabljak (please ask us for more details).

Below is some essential information on the most popular hiking tours in Durmitor. The rest, if you show further interest, you can obtain from experts.

1. Žabljak(1421m)-Bobotov kuk (2523m)

Medium difficulty, exhaustive and in the second part steepb and very exhaustive tour due to rocky terrain.Duration: about 12h

2. Sedlo (1907m)-Bobotov kuk (2523m)

Take a car to Sedlo. Medium difficulty, exhaustive in the first part,steep and very exhaustive in the second part.Duration: about 7 h

3. Žabljak (1421m)-Bezimeni vrh (2487m)

Very exhaustive and difficult tour. Duration: about 12h.

4. The Black Lake (1417m)-Veliki međed (2288m)

A difficult and exhaustive tour.Duration: about 7.5h.

5. The Black Lake(1417m)-Terzin bogaz (2303m)

A difficult and, in the second part, extremely difficult tour.Duration:about 8h.

6. The Black Lake (1417m) -Šljeme (2455m)

A difficult and exhaustive tour.Duration about 9h.

7. Sedlo (1907m)-Sedlena greda (2227m)

You will be transported to Sedlo by car.A medium hard tour.Duration: about 3.5h.

8. The Black Lake (1417m)-Minin bogaz (2387m)

A difficult and exhaustive tour.Duration: about 9h.

9. Žabljak (1421m)-Škrka Mountain Refuge (1723m) (Over Planinica-2330m)

An extremely hard and exhaustive tour. Duration: about 6h. Recommended in one direction only.

10. Žabljak (1421m)-Veliki Štuoc Katun (1962m).(Over Crvena greda-2164m, and Gologlav-2196m)

Easy up to the Jablan Lake, medium hard from there on.Duration: about 5h. Recommended for beginners.

11. Dobri do (Šarban 1671m)-The Škrčka Lakes (1723m).(Over Prutaš,2393m)

You will be transported by car up to Dobri do.A hard and demanding tour.Duration:about 7.5h.

12. Todorov do (1830m)-Prutaš (2393m)

You will be transported by car up to Todorov do.A medium hard tour.Duration:about 4h.

13. Ograde Katun (1595m) (Near Mala Crna Gora village)-Luke Škrka, mountain refuge (1723m)

You will be transported by car up to Ograde Katun.Amedium hard tour.Duration :about 7h.


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